Casa de mi Padre- ¿qué es esto?

I had no idea what to expect when I started this movie up.  I was in the mood to watch a western movie, so I just searched for “westerns” on Netflix.  I saw this title, Casa de mi Padre, and remembered that the funny-man Will Ferrell was the main character.  Holy shit I had made a great choice for quick flick.  This is the best possible combination of a Spanish soap opera, old-style western, and great comedy.  

The movie is in all spoken Spanish, with English subtitles.  Some might be turned off by this but realistically I felt that the words being spoken were taken directly from a low-level Spanish class storybook.  This really made the dialogue so  much funnier when all the Spanish speakers were fairly serious, and then you have Will Ferrell just placed alongside them.  Image

Okay maybe the Spanish actors were not as serious as I remember.

The story-line felt like it was taken directly from a soap opera.  But this doesn’t really take away from how funny the jokes were.  If anything, the story being so over the top really was a part of the humor all on it’s own.  Even the settings were so perfect in bringing home that television-esque feeling while watching this movie.  That is to say, you could tell the actors were on a stage with a hand-built set around them.  Just like with the story-line, the director I guess used this to his advantage by making some things so obviously poor quality that you had to chuckle when you saw it.  I mean just look at this picture.  


Maybe you manne-can’t see what I see.

Being REALLY TRUTHFUL, no sarcasm, I am going to have to say that this movie is easily the best thing I have seen in months.  Every tiny joke, prop, and set dysfunction just sold me on this movie, and that was just in one watch-through.  Some information about the movie, as well as a link:  Casa de mi Padre Run time of 84 minutes.  Rated R, I think for blood and probably the amount of ass we see in Will Ferrell’s sex scene.  

As a side-note, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any movies to watch on Netflix, because just searching as I go really doesn’t help me find any of the really odd ones.  Hopefully one of you can leave me a comment with a film they would like to share with the world.  Thanks in advance, maybe. 


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One Response to Casa de mi Padre- ¿qué es esto?

  1. john says:

    I thought this was interesting. I am a huge Will Ferrell fan. I appreciate that he wanted to try something new and spoke in Spanish the whole movie. However I was very disappointed in this movie. I do not think I laughed once the entire movie, whereas normally Will Ferrell will have me crying. This is sort of the equivalent, in some ways, to some of Adam Sandler’s new movies. He is trying something different which I respect, but it is not funny. Give me Billy Madison and I’m happy.

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