We are not drug dealers. We’re fund-raisers.

The next movie I found while searching in the “comedy” section of the Netflix viewing library is the classic stoner flick, Half Baked.  I hope that most people have heard of this great movie, but I know that if you have not, you at least know the main actor involved.


Here is where you go, “Ahhhh yea, okay, Wayne Brady.”  But no, that is Dave Chappelle, who is widely known for his show on Comedy Central.  He also is a very accomplished stand-up comedian and writer.  An example of his writing would be this movie, convenient, right?

Anyways this is a very funny movie revolving around a group of stoned friends trying to raise money by selling weed to bail out their childhood friend after a wrongful arrest.  This may seem like a niche movie targeted at a certain group of people.  (People who smoke weed.)  Honestly though, you DO NOT need to have experience with drugs to enjoy the jokes and writing of this comedy.  I also may or may not have heard from questionable sources that even Mother Teresa chortled a bit when viewing this movie.  For everyone reading, this is another movie I suggest you watch if you find yourself in need of a funny film to burn up some time.  (That was a horrible attempt at a weed pun.)  Or maybe you are high right now and need some guidance on what to watch.  Then Half Baked is obviously the choice for you! Enjoy and please please please do not feed the horses.

Information about the movie: Rated R, probably because of all the weed smoking.  The run time of the movie is 82 minutes.  Here is a link for the lazy, or just for convenience.


They are high.  Get it?


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Junior at West Chester University of Pennsylvania working on a Liberal Studies degree.
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One Response to We are not drug dealers. We’re fund-raisers.

  1. jsheilds14 says:

    Great movie featuring my favorite comedian Dave Chappelle. Such a shame that he dropped off the face of the earth, because he was legitimately one of if not the funniest stand up comedians in history. I still watch his stand ups and his old TV show to this day, that stuff will never get old to me.

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