Wet Hot American Summer

Image“I love sluts, sluts rock.  It’s just, no, it’s gotta be the right slut.”

This movie is one of my personal favorites brought into creation by two of the geniuses that also created Stella, David Wain and Michael Showalter.  I guess you can call this movie a romantic comedy, although the romance is usually the butt of all the jokes.  So if you want a gushy type of romance, this is not the kind of movie that you will like.  Who would even like a gushy romantic movie anyways?

The setting of this film is the last day of a typical summer camp, 1981.  The movie itself was made in 2001, but honestly at first glance you are going to think it straight-up came from the early nineties or late eighties.  Our main hero,  Cooper, (Showalter) is on a quest to finally hook up with his dream girl, Katie.  His story is the focal point of the film, but in no way does it dominate the rolling time.  There are multiple other romantic relationships forming and moving the film forward.  One example would be an alpha-dog sex fiend ditching kids in a raft to meet up with a sexual partner, the twist is he actually is a virgin loser.  There is also the camp director struggling to form a relationship with a professor that lives near the camp.  Pretty much the whole movie is about a sexually infused group of camp counselors. Somehow this culminates into a final talent show where a group of nerds save the camp from a falling piece of Sky-Lab.  No big deal.

This seems to be a movie that really slipped under the radar of most of my friends and/or generation.  I guess we were all around 11 years old when it came out, so it might have been a little too adult for our tastes of the time.  I would recommend this movie to anyone though, as most of the actors in it are some of our favorites from movies now.  These include Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Joe Lo Truglio, and even Bradley Cooper.  The latter was even involved in a sex scene!

All in all, this movie’s humor is so off-beat that most people will find it good, some will find it hard to follow, but a select few will absolutely fall in love.  No other movie uses climatic and anti-climatic events as well as Wet Hot American Summer.  The final 5 minutes of the movie alone makes you feel as if you just won the lottery, only to find out you really didn’t, plus your dog died in a shoot-out with the local police force.  This is really great stuff from David Wain, a director that always gets it right.  Everyone should go ahead and search this movie on Netflix OR click the link provided in the quote about sluts near the top of this post.  The run-time of this movie is 97 minutes, rated R for randy gerbils, and if anyone would like to continue watching some related works here is a list.

ImageI told you Bradley Cooper had a sex scene, I just didn’t say with whom.  I also didn’t say in what position, or if it was in a tool shed.  


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2 Responses to Wet Hot American Summer

  1. Bob says:

    I noticed that you reviewed Wet, Hot American Summer and I was wondering if you heard anymore about the prequel that is in the makes according to David Wain.

    • codyleimback says:

      I did hear about that! Michael Showalter was interviewed recently and said it was set 6 years earlier, and that the actors are all 10 years older than before. Should be good, I would like to see how it turns out.

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