ImageThis is a great day for Netflix account owners!  I finally saw that many adultswim and Cartoon Network shows were added into the Netflix lineup March 30th.  So many of these shows are great, especially old ones like Powerpuff Girls, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Adventure Time, and so many that I cannot even imagine watching them all.  But, I can try, and I will try.  Starting with this gem of a show, Squidbillies

There is no real way of explaining what goes on in this show, there is not really a huge overlaying story-line.  The episodes are just single shots of redneck awesomeness.  The main characters are the exact mix of squid and hillbilly.  Something about that in text does not do justice to how funny that combination is.  Okay well I need to leave this place so I can start watching all these great shows.  Have fun everybody, school work can wait.  


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Casa de mi Padre- ¿qué es esto?

I had no idea what to expect when I started this movie up.  I was in the mood to watch a western movie, so I just searched for “westerns” on Netflix.  I saw this title, Casa de mi Padre, and remembered that the funny-man Will Ferrell was the main character.  Holy shit I had made a great choice for quick flick.  This is the best possible combination of a Spanish soap opera, old-style western, and great comedy.  

The movie is in all spoken Spanish, with English subtitles.  Some might be turned off by this but realistically I felt that the words being spoken were taken directly from a low-level Spanish class storybook.  This really made the dialogue so  much funnier when all the Spanish speakers were fairly serious, and then you have Will Ferrell just placed alongside them.  Image

Okay maybe the Spanish actors were not as serious as I remember.

The story-line felt like it was taken directly from a soap opera.  But this doesn’t really take away from how funny the jokes were.  If anything, the story being so over the top really was a part of the humor all on it’s own.  Even the settings were so perfect in bringing home that television-esque feeling while watching this movie.  That is to say, you could tell the actors were on a stage with a hand-built set around them.  Just like with the story-line, the director I guess used this to his advantage by making some things so obviously poor quality that you had to chuckle when you saw it.  I mean just look at this picture.  


Maybe you manne-can’t see what I see.

Being REALLY TRUTHFUL, no sarcasm, I am going to have to say that this movie is easily the best thing I have seen in months.  Every tiny joke, prop, and set dysfunction just sold me on this movie, and that was just in one watch-through.  Some information about the movie, as well as a link:  Casa de mi Padre Run time of 84 minutes.  Rated R, I think for blood and probably the amount of ass we see in Will Ferrell’s sex scene.  

As a side-note, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any movies to watch on Netflix, because just searching as I go really doesn’t help me find any of the really odd ones.  Hopefully one of you can leave me a comment with a film they would like to share with the world.  Thanks in advance, maybe. 

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We are not drug dealers. We’re fund-raisers.

The next movie I found while searching in the “comedy” section of the Netflix viewing library is the classic stoner flick, Half Baked.  I hope that most people have heard of this great movie, but I know that if you have not, you at least know the main actor involved.


Here is where you go, “Ahhhh yea, okay, Wayne Brady.”  But no, that is Dave Chappelle, who is widely known for his show on Comedy Central.  He also is a very accomplished stand-up comedian and writer.  An example of his writing would be this movie, convenient, right?

Anyways this is a very funny movie revolving around a group of stoned friends trying to raise money by selling weed to bail out their childhood friend after a wrongful arrest.  This may seem like a niche movie targeted at a certain group of people.  (People who smoke weed.)  Honestly though, you DO NOT need to have experience with drugs to enjoy the jokes and writing of this comedy.  I also may or may not have heard from questionable sources that even Mother Teresa chortled a bit when viewing this movie.  For everyone reading, this is another movie I suggest you watch if you find yourself in need of a funny film to burn up some time.  (That was a horrible attempt at a weed pun.)  Or maybe you are high right now and need some guidance on what to watch.  Then Half Baked is obviously the choice for you! Enjoy and please please please do not feed the horses.

Information about the movie: Rated R, probably because of all the weed smoking.  The run time of the movie is 82 minutes.  Here is a link for the lazy, or just for convenience.


They are high.  Get it?

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Wet Hot American Summer

Image“I love sluts, sluts rock.  It’s just, no, it’s gotta be the right slut.”

This movie is one of my personal favorites brought into creation by two of the geniuses that also created Stella, David Wain and Michael Showalter.  I guess you can call this movie a romantic comedy, although the romance is usually the butt of all the jokes.  So if you want a gushy type of romance, this is not the kind of movie that you will like.  Who would even like a gushy romantic movie anyways?

The setting of this film is the last day of a typical summer camp, 1981.  The movie itself was made in 2001, but honestly at first glance you are going to think it straight-up came from the early nineties or late eighties.  Our main hero,  Cooper, (Showalter) is on a quest to finally hook up with his dream girl, Katie.  His story is the focal point of the film, but in no way does it dominate the rolling time.  There are multiple other romantic relationships forming and moving the film forward.  One example would be an alpha-dog sex fiend ditching kids in a raft to meet up with a sexual partner, the twist is he actually is a virgin loser.  There is also the camp director struggling to form a relationship with a professor that lives near the camp.  Pretty much the whole movie is about a sexually infused group of camp counselors. Somehow this culminates into a final talent show where a group of nerds save the camp from a falling piece of Sky-Lab.  No big deal.

This seems to be a movie that really slipped under the radar of most of my friends and/or generation.  I guess we were all around 11 years old when it came out, so it might have been a little too adult for our tastes of the time.  I would recommend this movie to anyone though, as most of the actors in it are some of our favorites from movies now.  These include Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Joe Lo Truglio, and even Bradley Cooper.  The latter was even involved in a sex scene!

All in all, this movie’s humor is so off-beat that most people will find it good, some will find it hard to follow, but a select few will absolutely fall in love.  No other movie uses climatic and anti-climatic events as well as Wet Hot American Summer.  The final 5 minutes of the movie alone makes you feel as if you just won the lottery, only to find out you really didn’t, plus your dog died in a shoot-out with the local police force.  This is really great stuff from David Wain, a director that always gets it right.  Everyone should go ahead and search this movie on Netflix OR click the link provided in the quote about sluts near the top of this post.  The run-time of this movie is 97 minutes, rated R for randy gerbils, and if anyone would like to continue watching some related works here is a list.

ImageI told you Bradley Cooper had a sex scene, I just didn’t say with whom.  I also didn’t say in what position, or if it was in a tool shed.  

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He said let there be posts, and there was posts.

Hello any readers that may be out there!  This will be the first post of hopefully many, maybe some, and at least a few.  This blog is going to be a review-site of sorts.  I will be searching for and watching the oddest possible shows or movies that present themselves to me on the wonderful website, Netflix.  These reviews should become available every Tuesday, Thursday, and sometimes during the weekend if time permits.  The posts about each program will not be written using a rating system or list of criteria.  Instead they will be a good introduction to what the movie or show was about,  and a brief description of what kind of person would want to watch it.

Thanks for taking some time to read this, catch ya later.

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